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English > French multimedia translator

> Video games, multimedia
> Advertising, communication, marketing, IT

> Environment, biology, engineering

Any type of material: press releases, websites, software, travel brochures, advertising papers, notes and instructions...

Some clients: Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Synthesis International, SDI Media Group, Elitecore Technologies, Avantix Global, le CEDRE, GX localizations, Caterpillar, Kardex

delivered in 2006 by the Université de Bretagne Occidentale, with distinction
In 2006, 3-month internship in an ISO certified translation agency.

You can find clients' feedbacks on my work on, a major directory of translators. Other references are available upon request.

Quick turnaround > respect of deadlines > commitment > writing and synthesis skills
rigour > self-reliance > focus > flexibility/adaptability > curiosity

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